Project description

The CWRC Al Rayan compound is located at sector F2 C1 at WRC, Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi. The village is composed of six clusters with 77 buildings -ground and two floors, among the total facility, Avenue Address takes care of the 3 Clusters with 38 buildings. It has the capacity to accommodate approximately 18,240 workers with built in rooms ranging from technicians to laborers or workmen.

Each building has 60 rooms for workers, 13 for technicians and 2 for supervisors at 8, 6 and 3 occupancy per room respectively. The CWRC Al Rayan facility is Zones Corp approved and ICAD affiliated.

Among the common services provided are housekeeping and laundry, catering, general maintenance, help desk & customer care, mosque, supermarket, recreational facility such as basket ball, tennis courts, play grounds. Availability of Al Noor Hospital, first aid facility, Al Madina Hypermarket, Village Cafeteria, ATM Machines, Mobile Recharge Machines, Huge Mosque, Indoor & Outdoor Recreation Areas, Barber Shop, Mobile Shops all operational as well as administrative offices. There is a post office, soft and hard landscape as well as a top of the line security & access control units.

Project details

Catering :
3 meals per day
multi-national menu preferences
messhall dining
parcel delivery is optional

General Services :
24/7 Customer Care Help Desk
Housekeeping & Laundry
General Maintenance
Pest Control
common ablution

Per Bed Options :
We offer per bed or room only facility lease. Services may be requested by item and optional at clients preference

Labour's Room

27 sq.m floor area
8 in a room, bunk beds
Personal lockers
Common Ablution

Technician's Room

60 sq.m. floor area
6 in a room, single bed
Side tables
Separate common ablution -Optional/by request

Supervisior's Room

30 sq.m.‏ floor area
3 in a room, single bed
Side tables
Separate common ablution -Optional/by request

WRC Al Rayan Main Gate

Main Entrance

Cluster Building (47 Buildings)

Common Ablution

Common Wash Area

WRC Al Rayan Mosque

WRC Al Rayan Recreation Area

Mess Hall

Labour's Room